A New Open Builders Program

Assembly launches the Touchpoint Open Builders Program. It connects and supports builders, experts, and investors to build, launch and scale the next generation of Web3 decentralized applications and infrastructure on Assembly and Shimmer. If you are interested in getting involved, apply to join our growing community and get access to a $100M ecosystem fund backed by the early contributors behind Assembly.

Collaborating on projects and technologies in Web3 isn’t always easy. Decentralization can be a challenging environment for builders to cross boundaries, collaborate and scale up project-building. How and when do you seek out collaborative partners, and who do you turn to for advice, support, leadership, and funding?

Touchpoint is an open builders program that offers a modular framework for individuals and teams to come together and build projects on Assembly, the permissionless multi-chain smart contract network, and Shimmer, the official incentivized staging network of IOTA. It enables participants to leverage the power of open communities and more efficiently collaborate by exchanging capital, relationships, and information.

By joining Touchpoint, you receive collective support tailored to your individual needs and stage of development as well as access to a legal fund, the Assembly $100 million ecosystem fund, and a rapidly growing network of investors, experts, and builders.

Who is Touchpoint for?

Based on interviews with groups across Web3 and research into decentralized collaboration and support, Touchpoint is designed to offer clear-cut modules for builders, investors, and experts to contribute their unique talents and collaborate on shared projects.

It focuses on three core groups and generates an environment where they can come together, collaborate, and share resources:

  • Builders who want help building on Assembly and are looking for public or private funding, legal or technical support, or ecosystem strategies.
  • Experts who want to participate in Assembly by offering their products, services, or experiences in a given domain. Experts may work for free or for early equity or tokens from projects.
  • Investors who want to actively invest in and support new projects, or those looking to bring existing projects in your network to build on Assembly.

What makes Touchpoint unique?

The Touchpoint program consists of three distinct modules: support, routing, and onboarding.

Support: Touchpoint offers flexible, on-demand access to subject matter experts – individuals who can jump in and contribute their knowledge wherever their expertise is needed. Having the ability to informally discuss plans, objectives and milestones ensure that projects are on the right track from the beginning and that they can have trusted partners on their side along the way. It also ensures that project support is independent of any individual groups or materials. A growing Touchpoint knowledge library captures learnings and makes them permanently available to everyone.

Example: Developers of a gaming platform talk to marketing experts early on about potential launch strategies, while also bringing in an NFT project to consider the mechanics of an initial NFT sale. Afterward, they jointly share the best practices and learnings with Touchpoint participants.

Routing: Routing is a core responsibility of the Touchpoint team, which plays matchmaker and connects participants according to their needs: for example, a project that needs funding is routed to the right investors. Team members follow participants’ progress closely to provide the right connections at the right time. This extends to uncovering non-obvious overlaps between projects and establishing a connection. The Touchpoint team is also working on 'decentralizing' the routing process, making it independent of the team and empowering Touchpoint participants to find their own matches within the Touchpoint ecosystem.

Example: There are structured processes in place to match and connect projects to investors. A similar process is in place for legal help, complete with a dedicated legal fund for projects who need support prior to fundraising.

Onboarding: Besides processing incoming applications, continuous onboarding makes the program responsive by bringing in experts in response to the needs of existing participants. This process is mutually beneficial because experts immediately find projects to which they can contribute, while projects receive the help they need.

Example: Right now, we’re onboarding UX and product design experts because many projects are getting to the stage where they need product help, but not all of them are in a position to bring in a full-time team member just yet.

In short, by combining program “modules” with a coordination and information layer, Touchpoint is able to scale independently of an individual organization. As an added bonus, it is much quicker to internalize new developments and knowledge in the Web3 space, dependent only on onboarding the right experts, not on developing thorough content modules.

What you get from being part of the Touchpoint Open Builders Program

As an open builders program, Touchpoint leverages the power of the Assembly community to provide tailored support, world-class expertise, and smart money.

  • Tailored support: The Touchpoint Open Builders Program does not have a set curriculum. Instead, Touchpoint is modular by design and provides tailored support for participants based on their stage of development and needs. We are built to complement incubator and accelerator programs where they may offer additional resources and support.
  • World-class expertise: Collaborate with a growing community of subject matter experts and support DAOs. This includes experts in design, smart contracts, token economics, legal, security audits, product management, DAO/community building, and more.
  • Legal support: We are working to minimize the burden on early-stage companies. We offer a pooled legal fund to help projects get started on their launch journey.
  • Leading investors: Get access to grant funding, community funding DAOs, and our $100M ecosystem fund backed by the early contributors behind Assembly.

Your team will be assigned a dedicated team member from the Touchpoint team to help guide you. Where needed, we can work to align on the project roadmap and funding targets, and check in on progress against your objectives and milestones. The Touchpoint team will also work to connect you to experts, investors, and other community projects to support product design and roadmaps, product feedback and beta testing, funding and public launches, and more, if desired.

How does the onboarding process work?

We accept builders, experts, and investors on a rolling basis and will never charge for members to be part of Touchpoint. Prospective members must apply and go through a short review process. Once accepted, members will be designated as either a Builder, Investor, or Expert, and invited to the Touchpoint Discord. Once inside Discord, members will have an opportunity to coordinate with one another as well as with their dedicated Touchpoint team members.

If you feel the program is the right fit for you, please apply here.

You can learn more about Touchpoint and access our growing public knowledge repository here. And if you have any questions, the Touchpoint team is available to you on the Assembly Discord.

Let’s buidl, together.

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